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Friday night at the movies. . .

I want to believe
I want to believe

Friday night to the movies…..ah, X-Files! I was a bit skeptical as the sub-banners talked about a supernatural experience, hmmmm, what was that about? Actually the movie is an excellent thriller and I won’t ruin it by rehashing the picture here.

I think what was very interesting for me is the anguish between certain ideas. Maybe this is true about X-Files in general as you have the “believer” and the “scientist” joined at the hip in Mulder and Sculley. My enjoyment centered over the one hand Sculley having to deal with a hospital administrator who judged her severely and then her own tough judgement that couldn’t accept the fact the pyschic was a fallen priest.

This is real commentary on the position of being human and how we can be dualists in our outlook on life.

The other thing to me that was quite poignant was the price Sculley paid to do what she believed was right. This is a high question in our culture today when people are so prone to be politically correct. Are we willing to pay the price to stand up and be true to our deep beliefs or values? What is the price to be paid for embracing truth when it isn’t popular with other people?

This is a big question in the social network we live in as we are prone to “hang” with those who think like we think. We all know there is an upside to being understood, but do we consider the downside of not pushing our boundaries to examine things from all angles?

I’d be very interested to hear back from people on this last point of “paying the price” to being authentic.