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Couple of tech thoughts before I hit bed. . .

Just watched the hour and 20 minutes of the introduction of Google Wave.

Like it must be unreal to work at Google.  If we need a Stimulus, then someone should be looking at the thought model going on in Google.  They have to be doing something very, very right!

I’m overwhelmed with Google Wave.  Actually, maybe it’s late into the evening, but the ideas in the hour plus introduction is just like eating one Sundae after another, you almost stand back and say to yourself, when will the innovation stop….it just keeps rolling out.  Not that I am just thrilled with the idea of Wave, but it’s the whole concept or principle things that rock me.  Working backwards, the idea of Federation.  WOW, this is a huge breakthrough as no corporate group wants to give up their firewall, as converations inside the walls, should stay in the walls when they are central to the strategy of a corporation….BUT…the idea that there should be public discussions that cross borders is just something long overdue as we MUST become a network beyond the four walls of corporate America.  You think that is great….oh my goodness, these guys already have an extension or bot, not totally sure….that allows collaboration in 40 languages.  This has to be a wonderful, wonderful thing to the world, as how much we as a planet must reach beyond our geography.  Lastly, the idea of REAL TIME in Wave just rocks.  Instant Messaging wake up!!! Wave is setting the absolute model for next generation.

Job well, done Google Rock Stars!!!!  Can’t wait to see this one hit the streets, it’s just too cool.  I found this on YouTube (thanks Matt!!) but you can also grab this through:  http://wave.google.com as it seems to be a central info site for what’s happening.  Check my Twitter lines to find the URL to YouTube.