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The uncluttered look

New Home Page

Less is More!

On advice of the experts in the field, I’ve decided it’s time to leave behind my home page in my browser (bye, bye Yahoo) and embrace the quiet power look of Google.com.  I got this from the ideas posed in a lecture on the seminal work of Vannevar Bush, who wrote an article in June 1945’s Atlantic on how we think, or rather how we need to train our thinking for the future.

This is a short blog as it’s past bedtime and I need to head that way, but wanted to chart my new direction here.  One has to know that Google as well is a very important place for me.  I regularly use News, Gmail and now Tasks.

That all aisde the idea of making Google my home page (other than my corporate page which always comes up in IE), is the need to simplify my space and give me OPEN space to think when I launch my browser.

I’m a firm believer we are too busy with our lives, and we fill our time with mindlessness.  We need to shift our focus through focus, presence and a need to be quiet.  Here’s the link to the Bush article for those that want a fascinating read. Let’s engage our minds!

Post script:  for those not introduced to Bush and his article, Bush is seen as a visionary who saw in 1945 the future as we now are coming to know it.  This article will speak of a machine that has the ability to be a storehouse of knowledge.  Today’s modern Internet users see this as the very first concept of hypertext (the layer of formatting used in Internet pages).  More later. . .