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Oops, yeah been just a bit lazy. . .

Howdy friends!  I’ve been such a busy person lately, I’ve failed to keep up here with blogging on my observations and thoughts.  I can truthfully say that I’m not lazy, just a bit too consumed with ensuring many little details of life are being addressed.

I finished up the end of July on a wonderful project in Philadelphia for Shire (pharmaceuticals).  They are a great team of professionals and they needed my services to help them effectively take their in progress project and bring it home through some additional, careful planning and focus.  It was a project where one can lose sight of the goal as the components were just so numerous and diverse.  During the project life they had also made a very large change to their scope, so this brought in an additional layer of complexity.  For a small, medium business they also had set their goals on a very large scope of work to accomplish, so there was little rest along the way for the team to keep up the enormous drive needed in such a project.

The project does remind me that in HR systems, it is very key to partnership with the right people.  For many years, I’ve just been a team leader and let project managers worry about the big stuff like building partnerships, but since now I’ve also worked for some 4 years full time as a project manager, now I can observe the importance and delicacy of partnering.  What we may fail to admit is that no one person or discipline has all the answers to the complex items that come our way.  It is also to say that our particular discipline may lack particular skill sets needed for multi-dimension projects.

I’m uncertain why we feel so proud to admit our need of others, but it is a key to finding success in today’s adventures.  If I’ve seen a major failure in companies today, it’s that they fail to observe other successful companies or projects.  We got so thrilled to finally be working on a special project, and pulling together the plans, that we fail to say to ourselves, “why not go to another firm and ask questions about lessons learned?”.

Another issue we have is our own “pain points”.  We become so familar with those things deterring us, we get locked into just trying to address these items.  This is why hiring an outside firm to help us accomplish goals, has a way of paying huge dividends.  An outsider can see many times the bigger picture and can help bring to the table the idea that people need to broaden their horizons.  It’s funny how we get locked into our own thinking and can’t see the forest from the trees.

Well, keep up the great work and let me know if you have any comments, ideas on this front, as at the end of the day, I love to see breakthroughs.