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Mercy, is it a sheep in wolves clothing?

Economic downturn?  Well in practice, I’m hearing some retailers are having their best year, although we all know about the ones having a nasty year as they’re in the news.  We are pretty used to making Christmas special for others, and so buying in general seems to be happening.

The title above is in reference to what is happening in the marketplace for kids toys.  I mean, you know being a grandpa or grandma has it’s positive joyful moments, but give me a break what’s this Amazon?  So of course we get the list far in advance of items that are hot for the grandkids, and one item is the Darth Vader tabletop pinball machine.  This is now selling on Amazon for $74.99 + shipping.  The downer is the same toy is $25.00 at Target.  Now, it makes one believe that Amazon really has been bought out in secret by EBay, we just all don’t know this do we?

I’m not sure how a retailer can do this, and I’m not here to diss Amazon as they are a fine retailer that saves me a lot of money, but one has to be just a bit suspicious don’t they when this kind of price game is going on.

What do you think?

Sequel:  Here’s the upside….the doll house I bought last year for $90.00 is actually selling this year for $299.00.  And we thought gas prices was evil a couple of months ago.  Looks like I should have bought a 1000 units instead of buying stocks this year.