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A little politics

I’m a little disturbed by the rhetoric from our fine Democratic candidates that say that America’s image needs repaired in the world.  This is true salesmanship in my book as we aren’t being sold anything substantial in making such a statement.  For me, America has so very much to be proud of that it just seems a bit silly to me that the image of America needs any kind of repairing.

Now I’m not naive either, I realize we’ve made tough choices and all of our choices are not 100% correct, but the case still stands that we are a world leader and have so many things to be proud of the list is of accomplishments far outweights any immediate short-term set backs.

One last idea, from the Vice-Presidential debates a long list of “inaccuracies” has come out where both candidates have made small blunders in their presentations.  What amazes me the most though is that the most obvious blunder has been left off the list.  The statement that “all weather issues” are man made is unacceptable in my book.  I realize and acknowledge that we are using too much carbon based fuels on our planet, but to think we are the only factor in the weather is a gross over statement and should also appear on the list of inaccurate statements as well.

My hats off to Wells Fargo for bidding a decent sales price for Wachovia.  What was Citigroup thinking, they could just pick up a fire sale and lean on Uncle Sam?  Wells Fargo sounds like a gusty bank to me and will have my attention in years to come.