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Cool stuff. . .

A month back or so I had driven through the bank drive-in to use the ATM and did something I rarely do, try and make a deposit.  (check)  I was frustrated to not find envelopes and drove off to park the car so I could go to the walk-up ATM.  Much to my chagrin, there I found out the ATM no longer uses envelopes, as the computer now has the ability to take in the check, read it and post it to your account.  They even give you a receipt which has a picture of the check you deposited.  This is cool stuff and a plus for Bank America.  Today I did notice that the computer does not yet say, “hey you put the check in the right way” it just spits it out as not being acceptable.  (well, o.k. read the screen and it shows the rotation to put the check into the machine)  Top of the check is to be to the left as put in to the ATM right side up.

I also bought over the holidays the new IPhone service (maybe other phones too) called Jott.  This is very cool.  Imagine just talking to the PDA and it sends up a note and transforms your voice into text and put that on a website.  Not just a website, one can also boot a little Adobe Air program and see the task on one’s computer.  Besides this nifty trick, one can Twitter by talking to the Jott computer on the 800 number, and for more advance subscription, one can also send stuff to RTM (remember the milk) application.

Love it when the cool stuff makes things work more seemless and easy.