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Maybe it’s not meant to be a negative message, in other words I can understand why there is an appeal to delay DTV until June of 2008, but as a citizen looking on at the news about all of this I’m a bit outraged with this.  Here we are in the midst of an economic crisis when every hour should be spent looking at how to jump start the down economy and I’m reading that not only have the entire Senate voted on this, next the House of Representatives voted on it, but wait now the Senate will vote again to delay it and then it’s going to be voited on yet another time by the House of Representatives.  We may a great new President, but here we have congress going in circles, not on some crisis subject, but a suspicion that we may have left behind 6.5M people.  I say suspicion as some analysts say, “hey where did they get that number”?

You must also then admit that the second negative message is the following.  The financial markets screwed up with poor planning, and now the group that is supposed to lead us out of their mess, has also messed up with their planning and can’t supply needed coupons on time or schedule.

No wonder we have neighbors of the world sit back and say, “America is a leader”?  Well now shouldn’t we be a little kinder to ourselves everyone?  Could it just be that we are humans, and fail?

I would like to see the government be called on to do the same tough thinking that they expect business to do in the face of crisis.  One has to admit it is good to push ourselves to new technologies, but then we can’t as well set deadlines and then backoff can we?  We’re concerned about households that are not prepared, how about the millions of dollars the providers have had to spend to make this happen, no one seems concerned about the effects this must bring on them.  Imagine if you’re a small business that has gone out of business because you were’nt going to meet the deadline of February 17.  You must now be a little cynical about extending deadlines, eh?

Wondering what you think about this?  Do you similar thoughts?