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What's your view?


A friend got this picture as an attachment to a question.

I’d read that the new unemployed are using the Internet in a major way, but this picture really does show the shift that has come to our world doesn’t it?

Could be the reason the Minister of Youth at St.  James United Methodist Church, in Tampa, Florida left his position in the church to join a specialized ministry that totally operates on the Internet.

It does say a lot about how important the world of Social Media and our concept of communications is moving to a totally new era.  And to think we’ve only scratched the surface of possibilities in this dimension?  If you don’t think so, just get out there and follow the Web 2.0 people and their conventions.

And to think how many people around the world don’t have computers. . . . .that is just staggering eh?

Makes you wonder too if the Dot.Com business was not an accurate response to a need, (only they missed the true need and just launched SOS – [same old stuff]).

And to think has the corporation harnessed this idea?  How few are working on providing a place for their customers to respond other than by SOS, or how many corporations/corporate leaders see social media as just some hype?  (something to steal processing cycles from my employees)

Let it sink in won’t you?