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Who is that?
Who is that?

What a town!  Years ago when working in Lausanne, Switzerland one of my team, Hoisuk flew to Barcelona and came back all enthusiastic after a long weekend there.

My turn finally came now almost 3 weeks ago as I, along my wife traveled there for business and yes some wonderful pleasure of getting acquainted with an awesome town.  One of the superb things in Barcelona is the tourist bus system which has 3 routes, green, blue and red.  This line covers an immense area of the city and one tour circle can last some 2 hours in length.  The best seat on the bus is on top of the bus in the “open” air, i.e., no roof.

One learns many tremendous details on Barcelona as one travels around these routes as there is earphones with 6 to 8 languages offerred.  One of the most intriguing influences on Barcelona is the designer/architect Gaudi.  He is long gone from this world, but his work continues, especially at the cathedral, La Sagrada Família.  The photo in the corner is from his La Pedrera, an apartment type dwelling that you would think was something from the 1990’s not 1906.

Another awesome fact about Barcelona is that it has a parlimentarian government that is older than 1100 years of age.  This predates the govenment of the England.  Barcelona is the home of the 1992 Olympics and the stadium is still as fresh and beautiful as if they were there just last year.

The beach is a beautiful spot on Barcelona.  The tour indicated it has not always been the case, as it was hid behind a cluster of factories and no one had thought about what a valuable item the beach could be.  Hmm, reminds us that maybe we too have things in our back pocket going unappreciated as well.

Well, this is short today, but hopefully I will get back on my blog routine and share more with you awesome opportunities that have come my way.  Don’t turn down an opportunity to go to Barcelona.  Now I just need to figure out how to get back there and see more of the wonderful country of Spain.