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Jammin’ on the outside

Hi there world.  I’m not new to blogs.  I regularly post inside IBM on BlogCentral.  I’ve just become so involved with social networking on the inside, I decided “hey it’s time to start jammin’ on the outside where my many friends across the globe could reach out and see what I’m doing and saying.

I had a website originally in this very place and yes, it was Web 1.0, a place so static and dead that I was embarassed to admit to much of anyone I had a website.  I hope to have a new leaf here by moving over to a blog format and therefore give opportunity for interaction and a lot of fun too!

This weekend was superb with a trip to Chicago and the Chicago Art Museum on Saturday.  We spent several hours on the first floor looking through the Asian art (there are exquisite 8th century porcelain pieces that China would be proud to say exist in the U.S.A.) as well as other exhibits and especially some of their sculptors (which is a much smaller collection than I expected).  It’s hard to summarize the wonderful art available in this museum and the weather was so nice and rainy it was the kind of day you want to spend inside.

The lions guard the gate to the museum
The lions guard the gate to the museum

We also had a nice surprise today in Sheboygan, Wisconsin as we had planned to walk up and enter the Kohler Art Museum.  We arrived to find an Art Festival weekend and many tents to view art work from around the U.S.A.   It was an afternoon delight to view exquisite prints, glass objects and fine pottery of many expressions.

Looking forward to share many more things here in the future.  Thanks for the visit.