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He who slings mud, loses ground. . .


So Microsoft is feeling the need to put Apple down these days?  My, my Apple is so blessed to get so much press for so few dollars!  You need to ask yourself why Microsoft is feeling the urge these days to attack Apple.  It certainly isn’t because they are a small software company is it?  No it seems market share of Micrsoft is starting down the path of shrinking ever so slightly.  Even with the millions of PCs out there in the market and the need to expand cheap PCs around the world (who would have ever thought a laptop computer would be selling for $300 to 400?), the Windows market seems to have reached a maximum capacity of sorts.

I’d submit to you a few thoughts that has to be weighing on Microsoft’s mind.  One, the operating system for a PC is just become a huge battleship sitting on the landscape of a PC.  This isn’t really a new thought as how many industry analyst’s or PC gurus regularly complain about the MS OS?  This past year I’ve played a lot with Ubuntu Linux, and though I’m not a super geek, it’s just amazing to me, to see my laptop zip along like a Ferrari while running Linux.  Have you noticed the Walmart, Target mini laptops all run under Linux?  Well how would one sell a computer for $300 and think they could put a $200 OS on the computer?  I have a need for speed, and frankly Microsoft Operating System doesn’t have it.  If my computer would not hiberanate, I think I’d be ready to throw out Microsoft all together.  Why should I have to wait 3 to 5 minutes while my laptop loads all the junk it wants to have when the computer is fully up?  Here in the U.S. how did the Toyotas, Hondas and Hyundais catch so much of the market?  Yeah the basically said to the American market, big, gas-guzzling, and poor running (maintenance) is not the game.  Will the software industry learn this lesson and apply it?

Lastly, I’m of the opinion that Apple has Microsoft just plain scared.  The most pervasive device in the world is the cell phone and Apple is not only storming the market and already sitting at position number 2, but their product is a full blown computer and continues to morph every 6 months, into something bigger and better.  Consider just three points, 1) they are in 80 countries of the world, o.k. MS is in a lot more; 2) they are approached 1 billion doownloads of software at their app store, o.k. this is not apples and oranges (no pun intended), but it means something is very successful and powerful and 3) their operating system is exploding, I’m mean when a 9 year old can develop a piece of software for the App Store, when has Microsoft done any such accomplishment.  (I don’t doubt there are some 9 year olds who have programmed some small MS application, but does it have world presence in 80 countries of the world).  Yeah, you get my point eh?

Oh well, sorry to rant on today, I just think He Who Slings Mud, Loses Ground.  Let’s get on with MS and reinvent yourself, now!  Blabbering and beating others won’t get you anywhere.

IPhone and OS 3.0

(This post is a copy of my IBM internal blog entry)

How many have watched the 1 hour and 20 minute release of Apple’s OS 3.0?

I’m not going to do a recap here of all the amazing things Apple announced for the IPhone, rather I want to discuss how their strategy and innovation speaks so loudly.

A core section of the presentation after announcing that their OS will have some 1,000 new APIs, new application purchase methods and new hardware opportunities (add-ons) was to have 5 or 6 key vendors display future ideas for their own products using the new operating system.

This means of course that Apple gets an A+ on collaboration (even if other important voices are missing from the presentation).  What a punch to have Oracle show how they will take the new OS and deliver new ways to remotely speed support for a corporation’s interaction with their customers, or how ESPN will be enabled to deliver new superior on demand programming / alerts for their customers.  This is savvy marketing at it’s prime.  Apple had released the OS to a handful of major players and told them, “go see what you can do with the new OS”.  The speaker then relays how amazed Apple was by what their creative partners had to show in such a short turn around.

Apple next not only demonstrates how easy it is to become a developer for the IPhone, ITouch, they reveal key details of how they work with developers.  Things like, the period of time it takes to get a new application approved (about 7 days on average), how developers are paid (monthly, electronically) and to boot they bring on a wannebe programmer that took his idea for a game (Trism) and tell his personal story of success.  This is almost a Cinderella story or a repeat of the guys who built Apple in their garage, only in much shorter time frame.  I mean ask yourself, how would you as developer like to be able to put your product out in 80 countries of the world?  Most developers would be lucky to even be known in the town where they live, let alone around the world.

Yeah, it’s the idea of empowerment in this presentation that is like a drug of joy.  Who would have ever dream that Wikipedia would receive so much world wide acceptance and harness the power of so much enthusiasm that people would sit at their terminals / computers / laptops and literally donate hundreds of hours to something they don’t personally own?  The introduction of OS 3.0 sends a very clear message to anyone interested in development, that not only is there opportunity, but we (Apple) are here to guide, open huge doors and enable (propel) you forward.

This is absolutely a phenominal strategy.  I’ve owned MS Mobile phones for 5 plus years and one has to say there is no comparison, oh yeah, maybe on the level of an actual application one can say, the MS Mobile application is superior to the current one on Apple IPhone, but tell me where is the army of people that are so pumped as the people developing IPhone applications.  Has anyone seen Seattle announce that they are there to help you become a successful developer?

One last kudo and I get off my soapbox of praise…..one has to also take in that OS 3.0 represents a convergence of really hot ideas.  Here are some those key items:  “the network is everthing”  It’s unthinkable that on MS Mobile that I should have to go to setup to move from 3G to my personal network.  The idea that the IPhone is always connected by switching seamlessly rocks!  And 3.0 ups the whole thing a notch as one of the new features will remember your commercial logons, so now when I walk into Starbucks, there is no playing with the phone to join the network.  Once I’ve done it once, I’m on for good.   (well at least those that have homegenous networks)  Meebo will deliver a native version of Meebo on the new OS 3.0…so IPhone links me to the wave of Social Networking and keeps me on the wave while away from my desktop.  Another is OS 3.0 will use Bluetooth to assist me seemlessy network with others in my vicinity.  So now I can sit with a bunch of friends in a room and be connected with all of them sans any network.  This was demoed in 2 or 3 different ways in the presentation.  There’s more, but you’ll have to watch for yourself, eh?

I’m old enough to remember how the first release of Visacalc, you know this stuff was only being done on mini-computers with a full application, and suddenly anyone with a PC could be a wizard of super business analytics.  This single app was reponsible for many a sale of a PC.  I get the same vibes with OS 3.0.  I get a very positive feeling about a company that breaks into brand new ground, or pulls together something NEW.  I’m alas proud to be a part of a company that has so many discoveries in a single year (patents)  Could it be that is why IBM is a well known word around the world?

Can we grab any of the learning from Apple’s announcement of OS 3.0?  Watch here!