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This blog is brought to you by Al Perkins.  Al is an American whose work is focused on HR systems, with a major concentration in SAP HCM and just a bit of Workday.  His focus is both Project Management and Human Capital Management with the extensive work on implementing HR systems at the enterprise level (some 7 complete implementations from start to completion).  This blog was inspired by Al’s adventure into the world of Social Networking inside IBM.  IBM is a leader in providing for it’s own employees advanced tools that explore the changing workplace through the power of Web 2.0 and beyond.  This blog is the opportunity to publish for a wider public audience some of Al’s intellectual pursuits.

Al is also a father, grandfather, world traveler, musician and philosopher.  You will thus find that this blog reaches across a wide spectrum of thought looking for divergent ideas, reaching to incredible friends across the globe and Al’s love for learning and what makes things work.

None of the blogs are reflective of Al’s employer, rather his persuasion, observation and thoughts from a personal point of view.

Thank you for visiting my home away from home.  Al

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