Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon. . .

Well time for a little ranting, I mean this is a blog, so why not rant….rant on!

Number one – politics are a raging subject these days, especially whether or not we in America are becoming a socialistic country.  This of course has come on all the heels of the infusion of money to save the banking/investment industry, and then we have the great leveling of the masses with universal health care.  So every man should have a chicken in their pot, thank you Uncle Sam, and by the way the kids can pay for it.

We in America have watched for years how socialism destroys initiative.  We’ve also seen the opposite as capitalism has changed the face of a society when people sensed that their own initiative would be rewarded.  (the greatest example is the huge change in China where the common man has seen opportunity unbridled).

Well I’m here to say that I think what happened this week to Apple is a mark of socialism.  For those who don’t follow tech news, Apple was told this week to make room for Google and Adobe in their software line.  Interesting how the pundits now glory in all the wonderful opportunities this is bringing to Google and Adobe.  No one seems to say, “this stinks”!  Well I’m here to say it stinks.  It stinks because why should any American company have to have the Federal government step in and tell it how to run it’s business?  It for me is just too arbitrary.  Well I guess I sound naive, as the government does step into many an American business every day of the year.  It just seems such a fine example, of how government oversteps its role.  Supposedly it is helping prevent some monopoly by Apple.  Ha!  Has anyone looked at the price of Google stock?  This is the pot calling the kettle black.  Where will the government be when the IPhone crashes because the Adobe code conflicts with OS?  Well more than enough said, thanks for bearing with me.

Outrage number 2 – So this week Microsoft employees held a funeral for Apple and Blackberry as they introduce Windows Mobile 7.  It’s gonna be a killer?  I’m sorry but have people lost their marbles?  I can understand a grand celebration for the long overdue OS for Windows Mobile, but a funeral?  This for me is plain arrogance.  Do people at Microsoft think that they are so superior that whatever they produce will be seen as the most magnificent boon to man?  I guess I’m just too old fashion, I believe the actions speak louder that words.  Maybe this could be said different…giving the consumer new technological advances, is more than crowing about your product.  Microsoft acts as though they’re the only ones that know or understand software.  This really is some kind of denial isn’t it?  Like wake sleeping giant, and shake off the lethargy of being the big name, else you will go the way of Pontiac, Saturn and Oldsmobile.  Your amusement at holding a funeral is not amusing to your consumers.

The bridge is here on the Ohio River as seen from my apartment on the 23rd floor.  Thank goodness for wonderful sights to push away the coldness of disappointments seen in the marketplace.

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