Fact! – Yes!

Well, for my money Apple has gone and done it…yes…it was more than a rumor and Apple did announce on the 27th of January the new tablet, IPad.  Now how do we know it will be a success?  This is interesting because I believe in this case we know it will be a success because, “folks are already throwing apples”!  Ha!  Yes, the pundits have all lined up to nay-say why the new IPad will not be revolutionary.  You’d almost think Apple had somehow whacked them personally on their skull.  It’s a land of “cheap shots” now days on the Internet.  The very thing that people were so worried about having the Internet, that as much as it’s a HUGE blessing, it’s laced with a ENORMOUS curse, and that is that people can stand back and be malicious without having to take the real heat of speaking their mind publicly.  I mean why diss AT&T as though it’s the curse of the network world?  Doesn’t anyone have any patience to see that we are on an evolutionary path and as the world dramatically changes there is going to be some pain?

Oh well, I jumped off the “throw apples factor”, but you get my point eh?

My hat is off to any company that wants to invent the future.  In computing and the narrow market of OS and applications I really only see two powerful players doing this work and that is Apple and Google.  I’m not sure why Microsoft isn’t a bigger player in the game, could it be that they are just too caught up in making a profit?

You have to be impressed that Apple one year ago said to themselves, “How can we revolutionize word processing, presentations and working with numbers?”  As the new iWorks was demoed you have to say to yourselves, now there is a huge improvement in this core area of computing.  Ha!  This is where the pundits are failing to deliver good analysis.  All they are comparing the IPad to is other hardware.  Well, maybe Mr. Jobs started the war with the words, “this is no netbook”.  Is a bit of truth to much to bear?  All the investment in giving us flexible hardware (ease of having a netbook), but yes it’s so that netbooks are generally……s–l–o–w….and not a real replacement for a desktop computer.

Oh well enough rant for today, yes, I’ll be in line here in the future for my IPad, you can count on it!  Go APPLE!

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