Fact or Fiction?

Wow, so much in the news about Apple having a tablet computer.  It’s like Nirvana or looking for the Fountain of Youth, eh?

Actually does the world need another tablet computer?  We see that now Lenovo has also jumped on the bandwagon and will have the Skylight.

I’m not certain we need a new tablet, but hey what about a new idea?  You have to love that Skype will now put their client on your TV!  Huh, you’d think the phone company would have done this long ago wouldn’t you?  After all the video phone was supposed to be a big cool thing, only no one could think about what Skype is about to do?

Hopefully, Apple does more than introduce a tablet, let’s hope they are about to wow us with some new break through that will turn up the heat!  yeah!!

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