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Star Trekking. . .


Yes, another fabulous chapter in Star Trek history has hit the theaters.  Hollywood has done a superb job of story telling and inspiration for the young and old alike.  It’s a must see.

The first thing that struck me was why Jim T. Kirk leaves his home of Iowa to join the Federation.  Here’s something for corporate America to think about.  Why does any young person want to work for a company?  Why should young people lock themselves to $20K to $40K a year worth of schooling for 4 to 8 years?  So much of culture today has been focused on “me” and “my career” and so much of corporations have given up on the “parental” model and are expecting young people to seek them out for a just get ahead for “my” career.  After all, “it’s all about me!”

Well stand back because Mr. Kirk leaves his “me” life because he catches some small glimpse of something bigger than himself.  He’s swept away by a dream.  Well yeah, he really doesn’t know much about where he’s going or what he’ll become but the emotion of finding something worthy to step up to is strongly projected and the emotion is elevating.  All you leaders out there i hope will think long and hard about creating something that draws people out of the “me” world into a world of making a better world for future generations.  I’ve never been privileged to going the armed forces of the U.S. but that is something armies do, they call upon people to think about others and big ideas like freedom, helping others and making the world a safer place to live.  I don’t see enough if this inspirational leadership happening in the work a day world.  We’re afraid to even speak to people about having beliefs such as this, it sounds too soft, too touchy-feelie.  Huh!  Wrong!

Friendship is another theme highlighted in the 2009 Star Trek movie.  It’s refreshing to hear Spock declare his unending ideal of being a forever friend of James T. Kirk.  Sorry, but for me you can have money, a friend that is true is a priceless thing in today’s world is it not?  It reminds me of how I’ve committed myself to be faiithful to others and that others can count on me at all times.  We live in a very frighenting world, where people have come to a place we almost don’t know whom to trust.  It makes us cold.  I happened to travel through the airport this past weekend end and met a man flying here from Sweden.  He was coming as his Mother-in-Law’s house had burned to the ground this past week.  Of  course, I was quite empathetic to this person and even socially helpful, but what struck me later thta evening was why had I not said to him, “here’s my telephone number, if you need someone to ask a question, please call me”.  I failed on that point.  O.k. I must remember to be a friend in today’s world, even if it means I may get hurt, as there is nothing as worthy as being a friend who cares about others.  I hope others will want to be faithful friends to me as well.

I could go on and on, but will keep this short in the interest of not overloading my reader.  A third idea about his movie is just that it has a strong ability to provoke emotions that we’re all familiar with and respect.  We all face tremendous fear, we all face situations that could cause us to hate another and some of us will know the challenge to let go of dear things because we want others to get a chance at life and liberty.  This movie has all of these tremendous values flowing through it.  This to me is keenly important, as a bit of Sci-Fi is surreal these days.  How can I identify with a person who can fly and can pound aliens into the ground?  That’s not exactly me, but when a story can help me see how I could also live my life in a manner that helps others, then I have found a high value.  I know for some again this sounds mushey, but stop and just measure this on the value that stories are like great art.  They make us emote or identify with some special beauty that is beyond ourselves.  They reflect on something or somewhere we’d like to be or not be.  This is great art and Star Trek 2009 is a great movie.

Another superb movie…

slumdog millionaire

Now here’s a movie that makes sense.  How much “shoot-em’ ups” can we exposed to before we hit overload?  Well, don’t get upset, I love “shoot-em ups” too!  Wow some great stuff coming next month.

What is superb on this picture is that we who live in the comforts of luxury are thrust into the real world of Mumbai.  We meet the most interesting brothers, who are dubbed the “two muskateers” as they were recognized in their community for their special powers to be pranksters.

I was privilege to see this movie on Valentine’s Day, and from that point of view, this is a perfect movie for VD seeing the third muskateer is a young lady, and our hero pursues her with a relentless fever.

This movie for me is 5 star, and I’ll be looking for the sound track at my favorite store as the music has a powerful place in this movie as well.

I just hope for you that you get the chance to see this movie.  This isn’t make-believe movie though one may feel the overall story to be a Cinderella type movie.  The truth is people in India do live in some the worst conditions in the world.  I’m not saying that all Indians live in bad conditions, just that we can find some of the greatest suffering in places like Mumbai, New Dehli and Kolkata.  It should stop us, it should shock us, and it should call us to action.  With the greatest tragedies happening right in our country due to the economic swings, none of our failures will touch the suffering of these people.  For that we should be reminded.

Oh well, off the topic eh?  This is an engaging movie that deserves a place in our lives to reach into our hearts and remind us that love is the most precious commodity in the world, not oil.  In fact, love is not a commodity, it is an exceptional way of life.  Would it be that we learn the lessons of Jamal and his faithfulness to brother and friend, Latika.

Friday night at the movies. . .

I want to believe
I want to believe

Friday night to the movies…..ah, X-Files! I was a bit skeptical as the sub-banners talked about a supernatural experience, hmmmm, what was that about? Actually the movie is an excellent thriller and I won’t ruin it by rehashing the picture here.

I think what was very interesting for me is the anguish between certain ideas. Maybe this is true about X-Files in general as you have the “believer” and the “scientist” joined at the hip in Mulder and Sculley. My enjoyment centered over the one hand Sculley having to deal with a hospital administrator who judged her severely and then her own tough judgement that couldn’t accept the fact the pyschic was a fallen priest.

This is real commentary on the position of being human and how we can be dualists in our outlook on life.

The other thing to me that was quite poignant was the price Sculley paid to do what she believed was right. This is a high question in our culture today when people are so prone to be politically correct. Are we willing to pay the price to stand up and be true to our deep beliefs or values? What is the price to be paid for embracing truth when it isn’t popular with other people?

This is a big question in the social network we live in as we are prone to “hang” with those who think like we think. We all know there is an upside to being understood, but do we consider the downside of not pushing our boundaries to examine things from all angles?

I’d be very interested to hear back from people on this last point of “paying the price” to being authentic.