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What was this guy thinking?

O.k. so I’ve been away from my blog for some time. Sorry about that, but you know life is complicated and sometimes you just need a break.

Thanks to our good computer president, I am now fired up to write about his recent comments. In case you’ve missed his words they are here for you in black in white:

“The PC is not likely to be challenged by the tablet or the smartphone, and many users of the Internet on these devices will turn to the PC for a better experience, Michael Dell said in Bangalore on Monday.”

Wow! This is reminiscent of the remark “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. – Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943”

Wake up Mr. Dell, right now it is the tablet that is giving us (the people) our finest experience with computers. I am just overwhelmed by my love for Flipboard and Google Currents, so much so that I literally abandon my laptop to consume the world through my tablet every evening and all weekend.

If the PC is not challenged by the tablet, then someone is thinking upside down. Just this week CloudOn has given me yet another reason to abandon my laptop. The point here is that for the first time in years the tablet is offering users things they cannot get from their laptop. Last night I watched my wife reach up to touch her laptop screen, only to then laugh at catching herself as though she had a tablet or smartphone in her hand. Maybe it’s that gestures are awakening a deep desire to have more than a keyboard or mouse. I actually am using an Apple Trackpad with my DOS computer cause I have graduated to loving gestures. Sure it’s a little bit difficult when you first start and you are so cerebral that you try to remember what does 1 finger do as opposed to 2 fingers, but once you let go of that side of the brain and just ride it, you don’t even think about it.

The obvious is that Mr. Dell is not daily using a tablet with cool apps or he’d be saying to himself, “hmmmm, what does my company need to do with its products to change this picture?” I’m sure the folk at Lenovo aren’t making statements like Mr. Dell. It continues to fuel the desire behind Microsoft to regain it’s mobile market eh? Wonder how many millions they’ve put on this cause?

I only can hope that he’ll wake up and get it right, as this was a very foolish, trite and small statement. One I’m sure he’ll regret having made some time in the future if not already.

Here the link the the whole article: Original that I read

Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon. . .

Well time for a little ranting, I mean this is a blog, so why not rant….rant on!

Number one – politics are a raging subject these days, especially whether or not we in America are becoming a socialistic country.  This of course has come on all the heels of the infusion of money to save the banking/investment industry, and then we have the great leveling of the masses with universal health care.  So every man should have a chicken in their pot, thank you Uncle Sam, and by the way the kids can pay for it.

We in America have watched for years how socialism destroys initiative.  We’ve also seen the opposite as capitalism has changed the face of a society when people sensed that their own initiative would be rewarded.  (the greatest example is the huge change in China where the common man has seen opportunity unbridled).

Well I’m here to say that I think what happened this week to Apple is a mark of socialism.  For those who don’t follow tech news, Apple was told this week to make room for Google and Adobe in their software line.  Interesting how the pundits now glory in all the wonderful opportunities this is bringing to Google and Adobe.  No one seems to say, “this stinks”!  Well I’m here to say it stinks.  It stinks because why should any American company have to have the Federal government step in and tell it how to run it’s business?  It for me is just too arbitrary.  Well I guess I sound naive, as the government does step into many an American business every day of the year.  It just seems such a fine example, of how government oversteps its role.  Supposedly it is helping prevent some monopoly by Apple.  Ha!  Has anyone looked at the price of Google stock?  This is the pot calling the kettle black.  Where will the government be when the IPhone crashes because the Adobe code conflicts with OS?  Well more than enough said, thanks for bearing with me.

Outrage number 2 – So this week Microsoft employees held a funeral for Apple and Blackberry as they introduce Windows Mobile 7.  It’s gonna be a killer?  I’m sorry but have people lost their marbles?  I can understand a grand celebration for the long overdue OS for Windows Mobile, but a funeral?  This for me is plain arrogance.  Do people at Microsoft think that they are so superior that whatever they produce will be seen as the most magnificent boon to man?  I guess I’m just too old fashion, I believe the actions speak louder that words.  Maybe this could be said different…giving the consumer new technological advances, is more than crowing about your product.  Microsoft acts as though they’re the only ones that know or understand software.  This really is some kind of denial isn’t it?  Like wake sleeping giant, and shake off the lethargy of being the big name, else you will go the way of Pontiac, Saturn and Oldsmobile.  Your amusement at holding a funeral is not amusing to your consumers.

The bridge is here on the Ohio River as seen from my apartment on the 23rd floor.  Thank goodness for wonderful sights to push away the coldness of disappointments seen in the marketplace.

Fact! – Yes!

Well, for my money Apple has gone and done it…yes…it was more than a rumor and Apple did announce on the 27th of January the new tablet, IPad.  Now how do we know it will be a success?  This is interesting because I believe in this case we know it will be a success because, “folks are already throwing apples”!  Ha!  Yes, the pundits have all lined up to nay-say why the new IPad will not be revolutionary.  You’d almost think Apple had somehow whacked them personally on their skull.  It’s a land of “cheap shots” now days on the Internet.  The very thing that people were so worried about having the Internet, that as much as it’s a HUGE blessing, it’s laced with a ENORMOUS curse, and that is that people can stand back and be malicious without having to take the real heat of speaking their mind publicly.  I mean why diss AT&T as though it’s the curse of the network world?  Doesn’t anyone have any patience to see that we are on an evolutionary path and as the world dramatically changes there is going to be some pain?

Oh well, I jumped off the “throw apples factor”, but you get my point eh?

My hat is off to any company that wants to invent the future.  In computing and the narrow market of OS and applications I really only see two powerful players doing this work and that is Apple and Google.  I’m not sure why Microsoft isn’t a bigger player in the game, could it be that they are just too caught up in making a profit?

You have to be impressed that Apple one year ago said to themselves, “How can we revolutionize word processing, presentations and working with numbers?”  As the new iWorks was demoed you have to say to yourselves, now there is a huge improvement in this core area of computing.  Ha!  This is where the pundits are failing to deliver good analysis.  All they are comparing the IPad to is other hardware.  Well, maybe Mr. Jobs started the war with the words, “this is no netbook”.  Is a bit of truth to much to bear?  All the investment in giving us flexible hardware (ease of having a netbook), but yes it’s so that netbooks are generally……s–l–o–w….and not a real replacement for a desktop computer.

Oh well enough rant for today, yes, I’ll be in line here in the future for my IPad, you can count on it!  Go APPLE!

Couple of tech thoughts before I hit bed. . .

Just watched the hour and 20 minutes of the introduction of Google Wave.

Like it must be unreal to work at Google.  If we need a Stimulus, then someone should be looking at the thought model going on in Google.  They have to be doing something very, very right!

I’m overwhelmed with Google Wave.  Actually, maybe it’s late into the evening, but the ideas in the hour plus introduction is just like eating one Sundae after another, you almost stand back and say to yourself, when will the innovation stop….it just keeps rolling out.  Not that I am just thrilled with the idea of Wave, but it’s the whole concept or principle things that rock me.  Working backwards, the idea of Federation.  WOW, this is a huge breakthrough as no corporate group wants to give up their firewall, as converations inside the walls, should stay in the walls when they are central to the strategy of a corporation….BUT…the idea that there should be public discussions that cross borders is just something long overdue as we MUST become a network beyond the four walls of corporate America.  You think that is great….oh my goodness, these guys already have an extension or bot, not totally sure….that allows collaboration in 40 languages.  This has to be a wonderful, wonderful thing to the world, as how much we as a planet must reach beyond our geography.  Lastly, the idea of REAL TIME in Wave just rocks.  Instant Messaging wake up!!! Wave is setting the absolute model for next generation.

Job well, done Google Rock Stars!!!!  Can’t wait to see this one hit the streets, it’s just too cool.  I found this on YouTube (thanks Matt!!) but you can also grab this through: as it seems to be a central info site for what’s happening.  Check my Twitter lines to find the URL to YouTube.