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Adieu 2008

Last day of 2008, many welcome it’s coming as 2008 has been a tough go for many a person, especially those hit by the economics of 2008.  Even Greenspan said, he’d not anticipated what’s transpired this year.  But hey, doesn’t it just go to prove we are human?  The future is still out there in front of us, waiting and teasing us on to discover what’s next.

My wife and I are blessed to be with family today and tomorrow on the shores of New Jersey, reflecting on the many aspects of life and it’s joys and sorrows.  The tree shine bright in the front room reminding us that life is about life and about love.  How is it we get off of that stream of thought?

Tonight a child will suffer cold, terror and hunger.  This just means you and I have much work yet to do to make this planet a better place to live.  Much of modern angst is because we are not thinking of others and their plight and are too caught up listening to the wheels of our own train.

Our family will look at 2009 to see if a new child enters our fold through adoption from a far away place.  Matt and Sarah have worked hard to prepare a way and place for that to happen and now we just wait to see if the miracle will be completed.  What a new challenge that will bring to our little circle, to make it broader and wider and full of love and care.

Listening to Steven Bennett’s RIVER album contemplating what it means to have many friends in far away places.  I guess that is why I blog, trying to reach out and say “howdy!, how’s life?”  Being connected is about living and enjoying life, so we take time out of busy schedules to be together, talk together and continue to share.

Happy 2009! to one and to all.