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Fact! – Yes!

Well, for my money Apple has gone and done it…yes…it was more than a rumor and Apple did announce on the 27th of January the new tablet, IPad.  Now how do we know it will be a success?  This is interesting because I believe in this case we know it will be a success because, “folks are already throwing apples”!  Ha!  Yes, the pundits have all lined up to nay-say why the new IPad will not be revolutionary.  You’d almost think Apple had somehow whacked them personally on their skull.  It’s a land of “cheap shots” now days on the Internet.  The very thing that people were so worried about having the Internet, that as much as it’s a HUGE blessing, it’s laced with a ENORMOUS curse, and that is that people can stand back and be malicious without having to take the real heat of speaking their mind publicly.  I mean why diss AT&T as though it’s the curse of the network world?  Doesn’t anyone have any patience to see that we are on an evolutionary path and as the world dramatically changes there is going to be some pain?

Oh well, I jumped off the “throw apples factor”, but you get my point eh?

My hat is off to any company that wants to invent the future.  In computing and the narrow market of OS and applications I really only see two powerful players doing this work and that is Apple and Google.  I’m not sure why Microsoft isn’t a bigger player in the game, could it be that they are just too caught up in making a profit?

You have to be impressed that Apple one year ago said to themselves, “How can we revolutionize word processing, presentations and working with numbers?”  As the new iWorks was demoed you have to say to yourselves, now there is a huge improvement in this core area of computing.  Ha!  This is where the pundits are failing to deliver good analysis.  All they are comparing the IPad to is other hardware.  Well, maybe Mr. Jobs started the war with the words, “this is no netbook”.  Is a bit of truth to much to bear?  All the investment in giving us flexible hardware (ease of having a netbook), but yes it’s so that netbooks are generally……s–l–o–w….and not a real replacement for a desktop computer.

Oh well enough rant for today, yes, I’ll be in line here in the future for my IPad, you can count on it!  Go APPLE!

He who slings mud, loses ground. . .


So Microsoft is feeling the need to put Apple down these days?  My, my Apple is so blessed to get so much press for so few dollars!  You need to ask yourself why Microsoft is feeling the urge these days to attack Apple.  It certainly isn’t because they are a small software company is it?  No it seems market share of Micrsoft is starting down the path of shrinking ever so slightly.  Even with the millions of PCs out there in the market and the need to expand cheap PCs around the world (who would have ever thought a laptop computer would be selling for $300 to 400?), the Windows market seems to have reached a maximum capacity of sorts.

I’d submit to you a few thoughts that has to be weighing on Microsoft’s mind.  One, the operating system for a PC is just become a huge battleship sitting on the landscape of a PC.  This isn’t really a new thought as how many industry analyst’s or PC gurus regularly complain about the MS OS?  This past year I’ve played a lot with Ubuntu Linux, and though I’m not a super geek, it’s just amazing to me, to see my laptop zip along like a Ferrari while running Linux.  Have you noticed the Walmart, Target mini laptops all run under Linux?  Well how would one sell a computer for $300 and think they could put a $200 OS on the computer?  I have a need for speed, and frankly Microsoft Operating System doesn’t have it.  If my computer would not hiberanate, I think I’d be ready to throw out Microsoft all together.  Why should I have to wait 3 to 5 minutes while my laptop loads all the junk it wants to have when the computer is fully up?  Here in the U.S. how did the Toyotas, Hondas and Hyundais catch so much of the market?  Yeah the basically said to the American market, big, gas-guzzling, and poor running (maintenance) is not the game.  Will the software industry learn this lesson and apply it?

Lastly, I’m of the opinion that Apple has Microsoft just plain scared.  The most pervasive device in the world is the cell phone and Apple is not only storming the market and already sitting at position number 2, but their product is a full blown computer and continues to morph every 6 months, into something bigger and better.  Consider just three points, 1) they are in 80 countries of the world, o.k. MS is in a lot more; 2) they are approached 1 billion doownloads of software at their app store, o.k. this is not apples and oranges (no pun intended), but it means something is very successful and powerful and 3) their operating system is exploding, I’m mean when a 9 year old can develop a piece of software for the App Store, when has Microsoft done any such accomplishment.  (I don’t doubt there are some 9 year olds who have programmed some small MS application, but does it have world presence in 80 countries of the world).  Yeah, you get my point eh?

Oh well, sorry to rant on today, I just think He Who Slings Mud, Loses Ground.  Let’s get on with MS and reinvent yourself, now!  Blabbering and beating others won’t get you anywhere.

Cool stuff. . .

A month back or so I had driven through the bank drive-in to use the ATM and did something I rarely do, try and make a deposit.  (check)  I was frustrated to not find envelopes and drove off to park the car so I could go to the walk-up ATM.  Much to my chagrin, there I found out the ATM no longer uses envelopes, as the computer now has the ability to take in the check, read it and post it to your account.  They even give you a receipt which has a picture of the check you deposited.  This is cool stuff and a plus for Bank America.  Today I did notice that the computer does not yet say, “hey you put the check in the right way” it just spits it out as not being acceptable.  (well, o.k. read the screen and it shows the rotation to put the check into the machine)  Top of the check is to be to the left as put in to the ATM right side up.

I also bought over the holidays the new IPhone service (maybe other phones too) called Jott.  This is very cool.  Imagine just talking to the PDA and it sends up a note and transforms your voice into text and put that on a website.  Not just a website, one can also boot a little Adobe Air program and see the task on one’s computer.  Besides this nifty trick, one can Twitter by talking to the Jott computer on the 800 number, and for more advance subscription, one can also send stuff to RTM (remember the milk) application.

Love it when the cool stuff makes things work more seemless and easy.

Mercy, is it a sheep in wolves clothing?

Economic downturn?  Well in practice, I’m hearing some retailers are having their best year, although we all know about the ones having a nasty year as they’re in the news.  We are pretty used to making Christmas special for others, and so buying in general seems to be happening.

The title above is in reference to what is happening in the marketplace for kids toys.  I mean, you know being a grandpa or grandma has it’s positive joyful moments, but give me a break what’s this Amazon?  So of course we get the list far in advance of items that are hot for the grandkids, and one item is the Darth Vader tabletop pinball machine.  This is now selling on Amazon for $74.99 + shipping.  The downer is the same toy is $25.00 at Target.  Now, it makes one believe that Amazon really has been bought out in secret by EBay, we just all don’t know this do we?

I’m not sure how a retailer can do this, and I’m not here to diss Amazon as they are a fine retailer that saves me a lot of money, but one has to be just a bit suspicious don’t they when this kind of price game is going on.

What do you think?

Sequel:  Here’s the upside….the doll house I bought last year for $90.00 is actually selling this year for $299.00.  And we thought gas prices was evil a couple of months ago.  Looks like I should have bought a 1000 units instead of buying stocks this year.